EpicCare Link

EpicCare Link

EpicCare Link allows providers to access their patients’ information, follow the progress of care for patients they refer, improves providers’ ability to coordinate ongoing care, and more.

To Request A New Account:

  1. In your internet browser, go to epiccarelink.mywheeledreflections.com
  2. Click on Request New Account.
  3. Click on Request Access For New Site. Once the site information is complete, a request will need to be made for each user requesting access. Each individual user is responsible for agreeing to the terms and conditions, performing verification, and entering their full name in the Requested By field.
  4. Please make sure that one user is the site administrator. The site administrator is responsible for duties such as notifying Saint Francis if an employee who has access to EpicCare Link leaves their facility, and performing quarterly site verifications. The process for requesting new access cannot be completed until one user is assigned as site administrator.
  5. Once your request is submitted, it will be handled by our EpicCare Link staff, and you will receive your log-ins, passwords and an instruction guide for your facility within 2-3 weeks.

Please contact our EpicCare Link staff with additional questions at 573-331-5872.

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